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Seesaw allows you to configure the Edit Channel Entries page to show/hide columns on a channel-by-channel basis.

The premise is simple:

For the default view, when all available channels are displayed, Seesaw allows you to show/hide the “core” columns (ID through Status).

If you then filter the list with the search form so as to limit results to only one channel, Seesaw allows you to show/hide any custom fields assigned to that channel.

This works great with the Edit Menu and Edit Tab AJAX, and early tests indicate it plays nice with other add-ons that modify the Edit table (Weegee, Cloner, Live Look, etc).

Similar Plugins:

This has been approached before, I’m just taking a slightly different angle. But it’s worth giving a nod to those who came before me:


Seesaw was built on ExpressionEngine 1.6.8, though it uses hooks available since 1.4.0. If you manage to install it successfully below 1.6.8, please let me know.


  1. Copy lang.seesaw.php into /system/language/english/
  2. Copy ext.seesaw.php into /system/extensions/
  3. Enable the extension via the Extensions Manager (Admin > Utilities > Extensions Manager)
  4. Visit the Seesaw settings page to configure the various Channel views


Simply overwrite extension & language files.

Type/Format Configuration:

text (char limit):

Select this option to limit the field output to a certain number of characters. Enter that limit count into the “format” field, e.g. “30” (without quotes). If no value is given, the entire field will be output.


Select this option to convert a timestamp into a human-readable format. Enter the format string into the “format” field, e.g. “%y %m %d” (w/out quotes).

MX UniEditor Img (NEW):

Supports Max Lazar’s MX UniEditor Img extension, showing thumbnail. No format value required.

Custom HTML (NEW):

Allows to freely format field as desired using HTML. Use “{value}” (without the quotes) to access field value, e.g. “{value}

Possible Upcoming Features:

  • Add an nGen File Field type (show as thumbnail)
  • Add a URL format field
  • Add FF Matrix support
  • Add Playa support
  • Allow for all Channel views to inherit Defaults
  • Allow to show other “core” fields, e.g. expiration_date

Previously all info was kept on the ExpressionEngine forums which, if you’ll notice, is no longer active.

I am aware of a bug that some have encountered when installing Seesaw, but I’ve yet to have time to dig into it. So I’m sorry if it’s not working for you.

Version 0.5.1 (download), released August 09, 2011
  • Update to bug fix from 0.5.0 - sure to remove default cols as well as add custom
Version 0.5.0 (download), released August 07, 2011
  • Bug fix for when member group only has access to a single channel
Version 0.4.9 (download), released March 20, 2010
  • Support for PHP4
  • Rebuilt column replacement to be less destructive. Initially to play nicer with Edit Table Plus, but should benefit others too
Version 0.4.8 (download), released March 17, 2010
  • Added Gypsy compatibility
Version 0.4.7 (download), released March 17, 2010
  • Fix compatibility with Webee Quick
  • Avoid notices thrown when Brandon Kelly
Version 0.4.6 (download), released December 22, 2009
  • Complete support for LG Addon Updater
  • Add support for custom_html
  • Add support for MX UniEditor Img
  • Improve input scrubbing & prep for DB insertion
  • Fix array_key_exists bug
  • Initial public release